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Ugh... Time passes so fast yet so slow.

Week 8:
We had lectures on the forearm, wrist and hand anatomy this week. We ended up dissecting these areas in lab over a period of 12 hours throughout the week. It was really gratifying for some reason - just seeing all those arm muscles and the muscles in the hand that make doing our everyday tasks possible - it was freaking amazing! We had some MLMs where we had lectures related to the upper limb and we also had a couple quizzes and group quizzes. It was a bit weird that the quizzes were done using our iclickers - it was a bit tedious. At least the group quiz went fairly well - my group only missed 1 of the questions. We had a couple review sessions to prepare for the test. There was a mock practical and a large group tutoring session. Among all the anatomy we also got to learn how to diagnose thoracic and lumbar dysfunctions. There was also the clinical interviewing practice where we had to deal with a difficult patient. I ended up getting the talkative patient, and boy was he talkative. I wasn't able to get ANY questions in till he had to pause to breathe. Unfortunately, though I know my small group did fairly well, our grader this week (since the graders rotate each time) was a super hard grader. No one in my group got full points on any one specific category on the grading sheet. We also got to learn how to perform several different reflex tests during the neurological part of the physical exam. So we got to see and perform the Achilles tendon and patella reflex tests. That was pretty cool. The weekend was spent studying anatomy for the test on Monday.

Week 9:
Had our first anatomy test on Monday. The written portion was ok I guess. Some questions were difficult, some were easy, some I just had to guess after narrowing it down to 50/50. The Practical was pretty fair too, however there were like 2 questions on dermatomes - which I hadn't studied (ROAR). I went on an internet shopping spree after the test ordering cosplay materials and stuff. xD That was really fun. But, we didn't really have much of a break after that first test, cause the next day started again at 8am with more lectures on medical techniques and anatomy for the 2nd anatomy test. We're now covering the deep back and lower limb for this 2nd test. I had a meeting for the surgery club officers. We discussed activities, lectures, conferences, etc. It was fairly informative. We had more lectures on anatomy. I almost had all of Thursday off, but I ended up scheduling my SAGE visit for that day. So I went with my partner to our SAGE's house, took the senior citizen's blood pressure and pulse and asked about his life. The meeting last about 45 minutes, so it wasn't all that bad. Friday we had most of the day off to study but had to show up for class to learn about performing the musculoskeletal part of the physical exam. It was sorta a joke, 'cause it was like you ask the patient to mimic all your movements to make sure everything works okay. The weekend was fairly free and most people took the opportunity to visit home or relax some. Yeah, I pretty much didn't study at all and went to visit my family and some friends for the weekend. It was a much needed break from school. I also got to do some hetalia RP with ~misostudios, LazyOrca, and ChibiDra. That was so much fun! xD

Week 10:
More lectures on the lower limb anatomy. We started our dissection of the deep back and lower limb this week too. Another 12 hours of lab is distributed over 3 days this week. We learned how to pop the thoracic area of the back on Tuesday. That was pretty cool. I was able to pop the back of partner once. The TA's ended up popping my back like 3 times (in different places). My back felt so much better after the class, lol. Had another clinical interview practice. This time we had to work with a patient who didn't speak English and work through an interpreter. It was kind of interesting. The interpreter and patient threw me for a loop when they complained inquired/complained about the physical exam that would occur after I got the history (yet not really - cause that's where we finish the interview and they leave). I;m sure they got a kick out of seeing me squirm =_=;;. Our teacher said I handled it pretty well. Now all that's left tomorrow is Reviewing the whole OSCE and going to anatomy lab. Then the weekend to study my eyes out - since I've been super distracted all week and haven't been studying like a should - I mean who can resist a nice long nap after a full day of classes and an hour workout? (gotta stay fit for cosplay! <3 - then there's keeping up with manga, and not wanting to study lol)


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